I just wanted to write a quick 'Thank you" to Richard and Karly. I received the post card from Richard a few months ago and rather than throwing it out with the other junk mail, I put it aside to think about later. When we were ready to sell the house I gave Richard a call and met with him and he told his backers about the house and I met with them a week later and they asked when I wanted to close on the house. I said I would like to close by the end of the month and they ran with that and everything happened very quickly and on time. Richard was awesome to deal with and kept me informed about everything throughout the whole process and made my life a lot easier. Thank you Richard and I want to wish you the best of luck with your new house and rehab project and would love to see some pictures of it when it's done. God Bless

Jo-Ann Samos

It was a pleasure working with Karly. He made buying a house such an enjoyable experience and would recommend him to anyone. He guided me through the whole process even when there were hiccups along the way. Great company to work with!

Juan G Goris

We love partnering with Speedy House Buyers! Professional and honest. Look forward to working with them in the future!

Erika Twohig

Sidney of Speedy House Buyers is so insightful and has so many great ideas. She has been super helpful with all real estate questions. Working with her has been a pleasure!

Jasmin Cirera

Closing day was a very special day for me. I believe that a successful transaction is only accomplished when all parties benefit. In this case, it was financially rewarding for both, and achieved our mutual objectives. But for me, the intangible factor is even greater. The intangible factor is that my family home is being entrusted into the hands of a wonderful person - Karley Carto. It is my hope that you locate a wonderful family that will experience the blessings and happiness that my family experienced over many decades.

Paul Ragosta

Speedy house buyers what can i say about this wonderful group , Karley made working with him on a exterior project very delightful and also i learned better ways to do business in the construction field. They are Extremely straight forward and payed for material and project on the same day ! it was a great pleasure to work with such a business orientated company like Speedy house Buyers i hope to do more work with them in the future . I would recommend this company to home buyers and contractors you will not be displeased .

Byron White